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the route

If you are walking

We are located behind the Foorum Shopping Centre Entrance from Ahtri Street.

We can be reached by bus (Hobujaama or Viru keskus stops) or tram (Hobujaama stop).

By car

Free parking (1 hour, Nautica Shopping Centre), 5-minute walk away from iNGAME.

Paid parking (Ahtri 6F car park), right in front of the escape rooms.

We have two locations Narva mnt 7a

1. Harry Potter and the last Horcrux
2. Mummy
3. Da Vinci
4. Saw

Narva mnt 7d

1. Indiana Jones
2. Mission Impossible
3. Pirates of the Caribbean
4. Silent Hill
5. 007: Spy kids

Parking price 1.50 € /30 minutes