Planning to visit a quest?

Here you can find frequently asked questions and their answers.

  • What is a photographer in a quest?

    It is a professional photographer who will accompany you throughout the game, taking high-quality pictures. The photos will be edited within two weeks and sent to you by email.

    Some examples of our photographers’ shots are below:

    The cost of this service is
  • Is there a parking?

    • There is a paid parking lot right in front of the quests (Ahtri 6F).
    • There is also a parking near the Nautica shopping center (1 hour free), it’s a 5-minute walk to INGAME.
    The cost is
    €1.50 per 30 minutes
  • What is the “Birthday Package”?

    This is a special offer for celebrating your birthday with us.

    This package includes:
    • A private and festive lounge area for you for one hour.
    • Festive decorations in the lounge, including lots of balloons and a “Happy Birthday” stretching banner.
    • 5-7 photos of all participants taken against the background of the completed quest (photos will be sent to your email).
    • A sweet gift for a birthday person.
    • Use of disposable tableware.

    This service will add a special festive and comfortable atmosphere to celebrate your birthday party with us!

    The cost of this package is
    plus the cost of the game and the food you choose
  • What is the difference between the Silent Hill 18+ quest and the 16+ game?

    • The 16+ game does not include an actor, while the 18+ game does.
    • Silent Hill quest has the service of an “actor”. The actor is only available for players who are 18 or older. Throughout the quest you will have an actor who can scare you, touch you and add emotion to the playthrough.
    The cost of the service is
  • What is the difference between an animator and an actor?

    An animator and an actor play different roles in the games:

    • An animator is a professional who accompanies children under 14 during the game, helping them solve puzzles and maintaining order. The animator creates a more vibrant and interactive atmosphere for the children, immersing them not only in the game but also in the exciting world of the quest’s theme. They guide the children and responsibly take care of them throughout the game. Animator services are available for all games except “Saw” and “Silent Hill.”
    • An actor is only available in the “Silent Hill” game and only for players aged 18 and above. The actor plays the role of a frightening character throughout the game, adding extra emotions. By interacting with the players, the actor creates a more intense horror experience, including physical touches and adding additional tension to the game.
  • How to find us?

    We have two locations, both in the city center:

    • one at Narva mnt. 7A
    • and another one at Narva mnt. 7D (3rd floor).

    You can watch a video on how to find us by following this link:

    Watch video
    At Narva mnt. 7A, we have the following games:
    • The Mummy
    • Saw
    • Harry Potter and the Last Horcrux
    • The Da Vinci’s Secret
    At Narva mnt. 7D (3rd floor), we have the following games:
    • Mission Impossible
    • 007: Spy Kids
    • Pirates of the Caribbean
    • Indiana Jones
    • Casino Heist
    • Silent Hill
    • Stranger Things
  • Is a prepayment required?

    • Payment for a standard game is made on site and can be done in cash or by card. No prepayment is required.
    • However, if you order food through us, a prepayment is required. We will send you an invoice for our services in advance, and this payment must be made at least one day before the scheduled event.
  • How is payment made?

    Payment for the game is usually made on site by cash or card. If you have ordered food through us, payment is invoiced in advance.

  • Can an invoice be made out to a company?

    Yes, we can issue an invoice to a company. To do this, you will need to provide us with your company’s details in advance (name, registration number, and address).

  • Can 8 people join the game?

    We recommend 7 participants for the quest, as our rooms are designed for a maximum of 7 people. If you want to join with 8 people, please be aware that it will be quite cramped and there won’t be enough puzzles for everyone. The overall experience may not be so enjoyable. Additionally, there is an extra charge.

    For each additional person
  • Why do we need to pay for an accompanying person if only the children will be solving the puzzles?

    It is necessary because this person is also a player in the quest and goes through the game together with the children. He sees the solutions to the puzzles and is involved in the game in some way.